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Bespoke Autogroup Testimonials

Bespoke Autogroup in Northern Ireland love hiring cars and organising Supercar Driving experiences for our clients. Whether it is someone who is hiring a company car for a month, booking their wedding car or a lucky person who is using up a Bespoke Autogroup Experience Drive gift voucher we endeavour to make sure that they have a great experience working with Bespoke Autogroup. We pay attention to all our clients needs and we think that it pays off when we see a satisfied customer leaving in their new lease car, or after an experience drive. We always love it when we get a little thank-you too.

Bespoke Autogroup Testimonials

Bespoke Autogroup Testimonials

And these are from some of our newlywed customers:

“Just a note to say a MASSIVE thank you for making the surprise Ferrari Italia for David all so amazing! We had such a lovely wedding and thank you so much for taking such a special part in our day.”

“Thank you so much for the Rolls Royce, all your help is very much appreciated. The car looked fabulous on the day and equally as good in our photographs. It really added to our day!”

Thanks 4


“Thank You for all your help in organising Michael’s surprise Ferrari. He thoroughly enjoyed his experience”.

We at Bespoke Autogroup love offering our services to people in Northern Ireland and thank all of our great clients and supporters.








Easy, Convienient, Affordable Car Hire – Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland based short term car leasing company, Bespoke Autogroup, can offer an easy, convenient and affordable car leasing service which is perfect for your business or family requirements!


  • Easy

Leasing a car through Bespoke Autogroup is as simple as picking up the phone. Call us at Bespoke Autogroup and select the car that you would like to be sitting behind the wheel of, when you require it, and we will work out the rest! We work in hand-in-hand with our sister company, Cars on Demand, who offer everything from city runarounds to sports cars, people carriers to executive cars. If you are looking for an additional vehicle to add to your business fleet,  or just for a nippy small car so that you can get around on a weekend visit here to Northern Ireland, then get in touch with us – we will be delighted to help!

  • Convenient

Bespoke Autogroup can deliver your car to you wherever you are! That means if you are flying into Belfast International airport you don’t have to worry about queuing at the airport car hire counter – we will deliver your car right to the airport, meaning you hit the road without wasting any time. We will pick up the car at the end of your lease time, which can be as little as 3 or 6 months, allowing you to get on with your business without any hassles! Don’t worry about the servicing aspect for your car as we will take care of that – all you need to do is obtain your insurance cover!

  • Affordable

Car leasing from Bespoke Autogroup is affordable, requiring no deposit! We will, however, require one months payment upfront, but that is it! Cars on Demand offer such a huge range of cars that you are sure to be able to find a car which suits your plans and budget. Whether you are spending your own money, or working with a company car allowance, give Bespoke Autogroup a call and we will be able to work out a package that is best for you.


Call Bespoke Autogroup on 02827669277 to find out more about our easy, convenient and affordable short term car leasing in Northern Ireland.


Car Lease for as short as 3 months

BESPOKE Auto group work alongside Cars on Demand to offer great cars at affordable prices. Our cars can be leased for as little as 3 months at a time, and the BESPOKE Auto group team will make sure that your car selection and delivery is quick and painless!  No more tax to worry about, and on the shorter leasing package you don’t even have to worry about servicing or tyres!! Why not give us a call and we could have your specific car ordered, and delivered to you as soon as possible, which can sometimes be within one week, providing your requested car is in stock!


Our short term lease is great too for businesses who require a company car for visiting employees or management, or for staff in their probationary period, to make sure that if they are not suitable, that your car lease agreement is! With no long term contract it means when their temporary contract ends you just hand the car back! (Subject to t&c’s)

We will collect your new car and take it to your chosen location if required, whether it is your head office, or the airport. We want to make sure that from the first moment you speak to the Bespoke Auto Group team, that you feel confident you are dealing with a respectable, reliable company, who will go the extra mile to make sure that your leasing experience will be smooth and enjoyable, and that you will return car after car!

If you have a company car allowance let BESPOKE Auto group look after you and your employees. Call 02827669277 and we at BESPOKE Auto group will be happy to discuss you car lease options.


Looking for short term car leasing?

BESPOKE Auto Group in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland have the solution if you need to lease a car for a short period of time. Lease a car for a short time and leave any hassles behind. BESPOKE Auto Group will deal with the road tax and servicing meaning that your biggest decision is to choose which make and model you would like to take out on the road. Short term car leasing is brilliant for businesses who have visiting consultants, new recruits or short term employees. An exceptional employee may be rewarded with a short term car lease of their choice, or you may just need to add to your business fleet for the length of a new project or contract.

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Short Term Car Leasing keeps you on the move without having to make a big financial commitment. Enjoy a low deposit and flexible payments. Just make sure that you are insured and then drive.

For an easy, professional and reliable vehicle leasing service get in touch with us here at BESPOKE Auto group. We have years of experience and love to see our clients driving away in a car that they love. Click here to visit the BESPOKE Auto group Northern Ireland website or call us on T:02827669277 to find out more about  leasing a car with BESPOKE Auto group Short Term Car Lease.

Short Term Car Lease Northern Ireland


Short Term Car Lease – Cars on Demand

Bespoke Autogroup Northern Ireland offer short term car leasing. A Short Term lease from Cars on Demand at Bespoke Autogroup allows you to choose the car you would love to drive for a fraction of the price and have the luxury of changing make and model every 6, 9 or 12 months.

A short term car lease from Bespoke Autogroup Northern Ireland means that you don’t have to worry about depreciation as car returned at end of term with no final payment.There is peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about road tax, tyre or servicing costs as it is all factored in by our experts. With a 6 months lease you can enjoy your car or van stress free as you don’t have to pay multiple up-front payments or a deposit, and if you have been refused credit you’ll be glad to know that no major credit or bank checks are necessary.

A satisfied customer was delighted to pick up the brand new BMW 4 series MSport from Bespoke Autogroup in Ballymoney earlier this month.

Photo 05-05-2014 20 57 04If you aren’t sure what make or model is for you – try them all without costing a fortune. We offer a good mileage allowance, 24k per year / 12k every 6 month, and our staff are happy to talk through any of your questions. We love this brand new model just launched by Cars on Demand for only £445+ vat per month!

Photo 03-05-2014 19 18 16

For an easy, professional and reliable vehicle leasing service get in touch with us here at Bespoke Autogroup. We have years of experience and love to see our clients driving away in a car that they love.Click here to visit the Bespoke Autogroup Northern Ireland website or call us on T:02827669277 to find out more about  leasing a car with Bespoke Autogroup Short Term Car Lease.

Short Term Car Lease Northern Ireland