White Wedding Transport


Bespoke Auto Group can provide you with wedding transport that will ensure that you travel, and arrive at your wedding venue, in style.  We want to help to make your wedding day as special and memorable as we can, and with our bespoke tailored wedding packages, we will try to exceed your expectations, and provide you with wedding vehicles that will fit perfectly with your wedding day.

Prestige Car

Whether it’s a beautiful Range Rover or BMW X5 for your bridal party, Bespoke Auto Group will ensure that you will definitely arrive in style.


We can also provide supercars that will form a beautiful backdrop for some of your wedding photography. Whether the groom prefers the ‘James Bond’ Aston Martin DB9 or something a little more exotic with a Ferrari California T. Whatever your choice you will not be disappointed with any vehicles from Bespoke Auto Group.

What a fantastic backdrop for your wedding photographs.  

With many years’ experience Bespoke Auto Group can take care of all your transport needs for your wedding, helping to make it that very special day you wish for.

Call 028 2766 9277 for more details of how we can help you to arrive at the ceremony and then on to the reception venue in style!